Just my Luck…Can you create your own luck?

Just my Luck…Can you create your own luck?


When was the last time you felt lucky or even when did you last feel unlucky?  When was the last time you explained someone’s good fortune as being a result of good luck?  A lot of us have walked down the street and found a $20 bill or even a piece of jewelry, SCORE!  Usually if I find it in a store or somewhere the person could possibly retrieve it I always hand it to the store owner or lost and found.  Can’t risk unbalancing the karmic scales and end up on the unlucky scale.  If the person who lost it comes back guess it was that person’s lucky day all on the account of me being honest.  If it’s on the street with no owner in sight guess it’s my lucky day.

The belief of luck isn’t something I don’t think exists but it does brings up the question about the opposite issue, those unlucky times. You’ve heard the saying “luck is on my side”, but how do I get luck to pick me to be on his team more often?  Luck can be described by many as the idea that abundance and happiness only happen when you deserve it because of good fortune or how the stars were aligned.  Ever notice how when you feel lucky you are in good spirits and things seem to be happening for you?  It’s not a coincidence when you are feeling great about yourself and certain in your choices that luck suddenly finds you skipping down the road and hands you a present.

You are less likely to find luck when you are depressed or unhappy with your life.  Seems unfair seeing as that luck is needed most when you are at your worst.  You could be smiling walking down the street looking at the flowers growing next to you when all of a sudden you get a shimmer of a lost ring or the glimpse of a $100 bill.   When you are sad and depressed how could you see the ring in the fog of despair and with all those negative thoughts occupying your attention?

So, if you were to believe that luck happens when someone deserves it then you could also believe that the infliction of unluckiness is a result of deserving misfortune because of something you did or attracted.  The reality isn’t that you deserved the misfortune but that the guilt of unlucky situations is a direct reflection of how you view yourself and your situation.

We could say you create your luck and the same can be said about your unlucky days as well. Luck in actuality is always available to you.  It is dependent on you allowing luck to enter your vibration and accepting that you deserve it.  It is seeing yourself as worthy of having good fortune.  Worthiness is a hard thing to accept when you are in the throes of despair.

Just as happiness is a choice so, is luck.  Luck should then be defined as a choice to allow the good fortune that is always flowing to me into my present moment.  It is a blessing and a gift that you can manifest at any time when you are aligned with that emotion through certainty and least resistance. When you feel you are worthy and deserving of good fortunate and free of self inflicted guilt is when you are the most lucky.

We create our “now” and we attract what we feel we deserve.  Try spending a day feeling luck is on your side, that you are 1st picked on luck’s team and say “Just my luck, I chose to deserve it”.

The Self Love Revolution

The Self Love Revolution


The Self Love Revolution

There is a revolution brewing and it’s one to take back the love for ourselves. A battle of sorts between the ego’s view of ourselves vs our true identity. In a world of social media where a lot of people base their lives and their identities on what other people are doing and how great their lives seem to be has created a lack of self love.

Many see the concept of self-love as selfish and self-absorbed. We are often told to give love to others while sacrificing our own need to be loved. Interesting enough many spend their days liking others online posts based around their luxury lifestyles, travels and ego based posts yet if you were to spend time loving yourself it is considered selfish.

The idea of loving yourself has been around a long time but it’s rarely discussed in modern religion and psychological studies. We are told to dedicate yourself fully to your deity or to not be an overly emotional person as this leads to psychological problems and judgment. We live in a society where we hide our emotions and focus on what others view as normal behavior. All the while the hiding of these emotions leads to self pity and depression.

Many people think they know who they are but a lot of the times who you are is based more in ego than true self. Your ego will tell you that you can be defined by a certain race, religion, gender, career title or whatever title you have put on yourself. Your true self though is beyond any of those labels and isn’t afraid to accept and love yourself completely. This is where the concept of self-love comes in and how loving yourself more, helps you love others more.

You then ask how do you love yourself more and how does loving yourself more help others?

Self-love starts with releasing the past that holds you back. Releasing the idea that who you are is based on what choices you have made and viewing yourself based on those choices. The next step would be to start living from a more present moment and allowing life to react to your presence than you reacting to life. Finally it’s about accepting who you are and what you dream of as a reality not based on the ego but based on who you are with your ego self peeled back.

Self-love is about acceptance without outside influences but beyond that accepting that you are bigger than the self you have labeled yourself to be. If you were to label yourself as only being a certain talent or an identity you limit how great you truly are. Loving yourself is not self absorbed its self-important! So important that your emotional and spiritual selves depend on that love to survive. It’s about never using negatives to describe your self and having confidence that you make decisions based on certainty in self not fear of inadequacy. It’s about looking in the mirror and knowing you matter and that you have a purpose. Saying I love myself, I am special and I matter enough to myself to do this for myself. This doesn’t come from ego this comes from spirit. You aren’t telling another person how great you are so, they feel less about themselves.  You are telling yourself how great you are so, others can be motivated to feel that way about themselves as well.

This is where the self-love revolution happens on a bigger scale. When you start to love yourself more and accept your true identity, the way you react to others and the choices you make will then spark that desire in others. When you are happy with life, others will be drawn to your happiness like a magnet and hopefully that happiness will spread like wild fire.   Any revolution always starts with one individual and one individual who fully allows their passion to expand can then affect another individual.

The dark ages of the ego are coming to an end; people are seeing the light in themselves. It’s a time for enlightenment and inner reflection. Go ahead self-love revolutionists, start the process today with the self-love salute by putting your hands on your chest, over your heart and looking in the mirror and shouting out … I LOVE YOU!


What are affirmations and how can you use them to heal your past?

What are affirmations and how can you use them to heal your past?


What are affirmations and how can you use them to heal your past?

Below is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Falling in Love with Your True Self – Using self love to have healthier relationships, attract more abundance and finding your Divine Purpose”.

What are affirmations?

An affirmation can be described as any encouraging statement that is affirmative or believed to be true. Affirmations are a way to overcome the subconscious mind that often tells us something bad will happen, that we need to focus on the past and that we don’t deserve happiness. Think of affirmations as your spiritual boot camp drill sergeant who you know wouldn’t want you to eat that slice of cake but wouldn’t punish you for it either. “I WILL LOVE MYSELF MORE YES, DRILL SERGEANT”! He’s there to help you get into spiritual shape and feel better about yourself but only when you were ready to allow his help.

Earlier we worked on an exercise of using past statements and turning them into affirmations that can help you move past those experiences. Affirmations can be a strong tool in your self love toolbox. They are accessible at any time and can be tailored to your specific situation. To be fully effective they should to be believed and practiced from a place of certainty.

The idea of believing something when you feel you are in a place of complete opposition to the affirmation can be plain difficult to comprehend. While your spiritual drill sergeant wants you to feel better and sees that you have the choice to be happy sometimes we want to tell him “listen you’re crazy and this one slice of cake won’t hurt”. The reality is when we are in that place of not feeling good about ourselves, the self loathing can feel safe and even comfortable to many people. This is where the old adage “fake it till you make it” can be the solution. Just as when you put effort, thought and repetition into feeling bad about yourself the same can happen by repeating an affirmation.

A great way to accomplish this is to write your affirmations out onto a sticky note and place it somewhere you will see it often. I like to put these notes in my wallet, on the bathroom mirror, and even on my dashboard in my car. At times when I wouldn’t think to read the affirmation it’s there in my daily life to remind me of something positive. Even if I don’t feel I’m in the emotional state of that affirmation the constant presence of it in my daily life slowly expands into my present conscious beliefs through repetition.

Having it on your bathroom mirror serves another purpose, it allows you to see yourself repeating the affirmation. This might seem silly at first and can even feel uncomfortable but as you do it more the image of yourself exposed only to yourself and stating something positive about yourself helps you move into that feeling wholeheartedly. If you feel uncomfortable doing the mirror work laugh at yourself in the mirror be silly, make faces and try reading the affirmation again.

When you laugh you are more connected to your true self. Your true self is never unhappy, worried or sad. When you are laughing, passionate about something and fully open to an experience , that is your true self coming through. Affirmations are a way for you experience what your true self has waiting for you that you haven’t actualized yet because of resistance. When you experience joy and laughter you take away the power your ego has over you achieving the affirmation. Faking it till you make it is a tool to overcome a strong ego but the reality is when you connect to your true self there is no faking it, you can only experience well being.

Before we go into how to use affirmations it’s important to understand how to create them and which ones can serve you the best. While an affirmation can be anything that encourages positive feeling within yourself for the purpose of self love it should be focused on just the self. If we write out affirmations about someone else influencing your life you shift that self love energy into one that is dependent on another’s feelings or thoughts. An example would be “I am at peace with who I am” vs “Others see that I am at peace with myself”. When it comes to self healing affirmations you should focus your feelings to just the way you want to feel about yourself.

When you come up with the affirmations that can help you the most I encourage you to think of where you are lacking self love in your current emotional state. If you put a lot of thought into past relationships focus your affirmations on how you are in relation to yourself. If financial issues plague your daily thoughts create affirmations based on financial security. The affirmations you choose should be simple and short so you can set the vibration of that belief without too much effort.

The other important thing to know when creating affirmations is how you use the words “I AM”. Often I hear people describe themselves as “I am sad”, “I am broke”, “I am fat”. When you say I am anything you are sending out a message not only to others but to yourself of how you feel about yourself. Anytime you say “I AM,” you are creating your reality. The reality is you are never sad, broke or fat you are just experiencing that emotion or belief but you are not those things. One can experience sadness but one is not the essence of sadness. Sadness does not define who you truly are as a person. When you say I am sad you are allowing yourself to believe you are that sadness and you are sending a vibration of attracting more sadness. The words I AM are one of the most powerful two words you can use. There are many books based on the I AM theory which can be traced back to the name God told Moses he was when asked from the burning bush. For the purpose of this book and in relation to affirmations lets focus on keeping the words that follow I AM as something positive and uplifting.

Knowing now that we can write affirmations hat focus on our own self love, that we use only positive words after I AM, it’s also important to finish the affirmation with words that bring that feeling of certainty. An example of this can be “I AM happy” vs “I AM happy no matter what”. The second affirmation leaves no room for doubt and doesn’t allow uncertainty when you are allowing yourself to believe the affirmation. Certainty is a feeling we want to allow into our thoughts whenever we are coming from a place of self love. When there is no wavering in your belief of how you feel about yourself its an incredible place to be.

Using affirmations to let go of past thinking 

Knowing the power of affirmations, lets start to create ones that can help you let go of those thoughts of past mistakes or experiences that are holding you back so you can move into a more joyous present moment. Start with affirmations that relate to the things that you worry about most or that you haven’t been able to move past.

Let’s use the example of a past relationship you haven’t been able to move on from. We could use the tools I suggested earlier and create affirmations that allow you to feel better about yourself and that don’t focus too much on what isn’t in your current life.

“I AM at peace with my past relationships and ONLY attract people that are aligned with my best self”

This affirmation you can see doesn’t focus on what went wrong, name the person you haven’t moved on from and brings in a feeling of certainty with the word ONLY while utilizing a positive I AM statement. If we were to say “I AM at peace with my breakup from Bob” you would be bringing in the energy of that person while you could be attracting healing and self love to yourself that shouldn’t be affected by Bob anymore. Bob obviously didn’t make you feel too great so why attract more of that energy into your life. If you were to say “I AM at peace with not feeling abandoned” you are attracting a feeling that you could be abandoned by another person or reliving that feeling of abandonment that you allowed yourself to feel in the past. The goal of affirmations are to bring about a better feeling than where you currently stand in relation to the emotion you want to feel.

Once you have your affirmations created write them down on sticky notes or even type them on your mobile device and set a reminder throughout the day that alerts you of the affirmation. I like to set alarm reminders and put the affirmations as the note in the alarm. I have a sticky note on my bathroom mirror that changes week to week but reminds me of how I would like to feel. The first day I have the affirmation up I can read it out loud but don’t always belief it immediately. I find that after days of reading it and feeling it to be true that it becomes a core belief and allows me to attract that statement into my life more easily. I encourage you to start to believe the affirmations you write out for it to really effect you in a positive way and to heal from what’s holding you back in life.

Identifying your wounds to release the past

Identifying your wounds to release the past

Happy future sad past

This is another exercise from my upcoming book “Falling in Love with Your True Self – Using self love to have healthier relationships, attract more abundance and finding your divine purpose”.  This exercise can be used when you have people, situations, and experiences from your past that are holding you from moving into a happier present moment.

Identifying your wounds

To begin the process of healing your past you first need to identify what your wounds are.  Your wounds can be described as anything that has happened to you that you haven’t forgiven, let go of or accepted as not affecting yourself today.

Carrying around that hurt day to day weighs you down like baggage that you are barely pulling behind you.  Decisions you make, the way you trust people, the way you identify yourself can be defined by those unhealed wounds.  It is difficult not to have those thoughts influence your daily thinking based on what someone did to you or what mistake you made.

Sometimes it is easy to list out what those wounds are, other times they subconsciously come to the surface during times of stress.  Below is an exercise to help you figure out what are those things that hold you down the most.

What doesn’t make me feel good Exercise

For this exercise let’s not focus on specific details of the hurt, lets focus on the way it makes you feel.  We don’t want to draw more energy into something that holds you back and makes you feel bad.  We want to identify the feeling so that you can work to release and replace those feelings with better ones.

Cut up several pieces of paper, however many you think you would like to list out.  On one side write down what is holding you back or that bothers you and move onto any other strong feelings that surface.  An event or a person that you feel has done something that you can’t let go of is a good example.  When you are ready pick up one that you can associate a base feeling about the situation or person.  On the back of it write down words that you feel when you think of that situation or person.  Here are some examples:

Childhood – Unappreciated, Withdrawn, Unloved
Ex Boyfriend (can put a name) – Insecure, Untrustworthy, Abandoned
A specific past job – Unsuccessful, Failure, Noncommittal

The purpose of this exercise is for you to find what you are holding on to and then associating it with an emotion.  When you start to see the emotion it is easier to see the origin of that emotion.  We can say someone did something to us in our past and hold onto anger and distrust.  Once we bring it back to how we feel about that person we can begin to release that anger as we can take ownership for the emotion not the situation.

Using affirmations we can then turn those emotions into something more positive.  Lets take the example of a friend who did something that hurt you and you are no longer friends.

Sally – Betrayal

You could then create an affirmation by bringing the emotion back to yourself and offering a more positive emotion:

“I can only betray myself, I only attract loyal people into my life”

Use this affirmation any time the negative one about that situation happens and see how you slowly release the power that past feeling gave you.  Once you feel the affirmation has a stronger feeling than the emotion you wrote on the back of the past hurt you can then burn that piece of paper in a bowl and fully release the power it held over you and move forward with the affirmative statement.


Attracting Positive People

Attracting Positive People

Love Affirmations1c


We often follow the idea that we attract what we are feeling and that which we are.  The same goes with the people that come into your life.  It’s not a forced action as much as it is a way you feel about yourself.  Others will gravitate towards your positivity and be aligned with your true self.  Allow the idea of those people into your life and they will show up for you.

Tao Te Ching 58th Verse

Tao Te Ching 58th Verse


58th Verse
When the ruler knows his own heart,
the people are simple and pure.
When he meddles with their lives,
they become restless and disturbed.

Bad fortune is what good fortune leans on;
good fortune is what bad fortune hides in.
Who knows the ultimate end of this process?
Is there no norm of right?
Yet what is normal soon becomes abnormal;
peoples’s confusion is indeed long-standing.

Thus the master is content to serve as an example
and not to impose his will.
He is pointed but does not pierce;
he straightens but does not disrupt;
he illuminates but does not dazzle.

This verse Lao-tzu is showing us the importance of how we perceive situations and people in our lives and how we react to them.  “When the ruler knows his own heart, the people are simple and pure”.  This is because when you are connected to your true self and know yourself, you aren’t directing those beliefs onto other people.

You can be pointed but no pierce, illuminated but not dazzling.  When you follow your beliefs and what guides your life there is no need to dazzle for everyone to see and agree with that belief.  Your thoughts and beliefs are shaped by who you are, experiences around you and the thoughts in your mind.

That view of the world can change at any given time just as fortune or bad fortune can.  Think about a situation in your life where everything seems to be going bad.  As you attract more of those thoughts of misfortune the more you attract.  That streak of bad situations can easily change as can your view of why its happening or why it won’t happen.

“People’s confusion is indeed long-standing”.  Interesting how bad situations linger longer than good ones do.  You imposing your belief on someone else will be remembered longer than a good deed you did for that same person.

Live your life and follow the direction it is meant to flow.  Follow your beliefs without ego and people with similar beliefs will gravitate to your confidence and your good will without you deliberately showcasing the way you think they should think.





Mudras are positions of the body that seal in energy.  While they can be done in different poses the most common are done with the fingers and hands while meditating.

You often see the index (Jupiter) finger and the thumb touching in a lot of meditative postures, as the photo above shows.  This is because your Jupiter finger touching your thumb initiates knowledge which is usually desired during meditation.

As energetic beings we always have energy flowing in and from us.  Your fingers are a source of this energy.  Your fingers correspond to certain planets and constellations:

Index Finger – Jupiter – Guidance and Knowledge
Middle Finger – Saturn – Purpose, Patience and Mood
Ring Finger – Apollo or Sun – Passion, Health and Creativity
Pinky Finger – Mercury – Communication
Thumb – Connects back to you and represents your ego (We want to channel these other traits back to our ego)

This becomes important when certain planets are in alignment and you can benefit or work though astrological issues while meditation in a certain finger position.  If you’ve ever done a full natal chart often there are squares and triangles that form with the planets alignment when you were born.  Some people struggle with issues throughout their life that can be worked on by channeling that planets energy back into yourself during meditation using Mudras.  Mudras allow us to bring prana back into ourselves and re-feeding that energy that is leaving our bodies.

If your example you are feeling a lack of communication with your loved one or your boss you can connect your pinky finger and your thumb while holding the other 3 fingers together and meditate on the feeling of communciation to bring that energy back into your awareness.

While there are hundreds of Mudra positions I find the 5 finger ones easy to do at any time during the day.  Touching the fingertips to the thumb brings that energy back.  Touching the palms together brings together yin & yang, masculine and feminine, the two sides of your being together. This is why it is used a lot in yoga as a way of being aware of both of those qualities in you and to balance you out.

You don’t need to do a full yoga class or a 20 minute meditation to quickly align yourself.  Try a few Mudras a day and see how you feel after each one.

Tarot The Empress

Tarot The Empress


The Empress is the card that represents mother Earth, abundance, fertility and fulfillment.  On her head she is crowned with 12 starts which represent the 12 zodiacs.  She is the matriarch the giver of abundance and flowing with blessings.

You see the waterfall behind her flowing down into the earth.  She is compassionate and giving and never without the harvest.  Though she has her scepter and shield they are not raised in defense.  She is aware of her purpose and completely satisfied with sharing that purpose.

This card can be used during meditation to bring compassion, productivity, security and abundance into your life.  When this card shows up in readings it can also mean pregnancy or represent the person’s mother.


From “A Guide to the New Palladini Tarot” by Susan Hansson

Key 3
Numer 3: Product, what has been created by union.  Object of creation.
Hebrew Letter: Daleth: door.  The door through which life enters the world.
Cabalah: Path 4: Hokmah (father) and Binah (mother)
Astrological Influence: Venus.  Note the planet’s symbol on her shield.  Venus stands for love, creativity, harmony, and productivity