Tarot: The Hanged Man



The Hanged Man is a card representing sacrifice.  This man wasn’t put up against his will he was hung up knowing beforehand what was to happen.  The peaceful look on his face and the fact he has a limb untied shows his willingness to be put there because of the path he has chosen.

This card has a lot of christian symbolism.  The 3 points of the holy trinity, the divine illumination of the holy spirt behind his head and the shape of the cross his legs make.  It symbolizes the sacrifice Jesus made for what he was meant to do.


Often we are at crossroads in our lives on where to go.  At times we need to stop, evaluate, sacrifice our control and allow divine intervention take us where we need to go.  The man hanging has given up on his ego and is ready for spiritual intervention.

This card is a great one to meditate on when you feel you are out of control or need a higher force to intervene in your life.  It’s the ultimate hands tied, ready for the universe to lead you where you need to go.  If you feel you are wavering in your faith or what you feel you truly believe in this card will bring you back to a path of self awareness and peace.

From The New Palladini Tarot by Susan Hansson:

Key 12
Numeral 12: Beginning of reasoning and completion
Hebrew Letter: Mem: primordial waters.
Cabalah: Path 13: Geburah (strength) to Hod (splendor)
Astrological Influence: Neptune. Neptune rules the sea, the imagination, and intuition.  He is associated with the mystics and has both spiritual and escapist trends.




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