Tarot The Empress


The Empress is the card that represents mother Earth, abundance, fertility and fulfillment.  On her head she is crowned with 12 starts which represent the 12 zodiacs.  She is the matriarch the giver of abundance and flowing with blessings.

You see the waterfall behind her flowing down into the earth.  She is compassionate and giving and never without the harvest.  Though she has her scepter and shield they are not raised in defense.  She is aware of her purpose and completely satisfied with sharing that purpose.

This card can be used during meditation to bring compassion, productivity, security and abundance into your life.  When this card shows up in readings it can also mean pregnancy or represent the person’s mother.


From “A Guide to the New Palladini Tarot” by Susan Hansson

Key 3
Numer 3: Product, what has been created by union.  Object of creation.
Hebrew Letter: Daleth: door.  The door through which life enters the world.
Cabalah: Path 4: Hokmah (father) and Binah (mother)
Astrological Influence: Venus.  Note the planet’s symbol on her shield.  Venus stands for love, creativity, harmony, and productivity


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