Focus Wheel

I love using the focus wheel to change my point of attraction and start manefesting what I am desiring.

You can download or print this focus wheel here focus wheel

It is good to meditate and clear your mind fully before doing this focus wheel.  Remember to only write positive statements in each box to get to where you want to be.  For example I can write in box #1 “I don’t want to be alone”. Then write in box #2 “I want a healthy loving relationship”.

Knowing that’s what I don’t want and knowing what I do want, along the trail lets write down what I do want: “I want to love myself more to love another person”, “I do have good relationships”, “I am worthy of a healthy relationship” …

Don’t take a break and focus on each while in a meditative state.  You will notice by the time you finish you can write in how you feel now has vibrationally changed since you filled out box #1.  You can then go about your day remembering the trail and putting that energy out which then changes your point of attraction.




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